They’re baaaack

And so am I… I hope. Can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that Deer Tick’s new album, Negativity, is out…. and that it’s completely different than Divine Providence and… Continue reading

Summer Jim Jams

I think this is the first weekend that I’ve been able to have a Saturday morning. You know, THE Saturday morning = wake up when you wake up, lay in bed listening to… Continue reading

Kurt Vile – Never Run Away

I typically wouldn’t start off a conversation with the weather but lately it’s all I’ve been doing. But I mean, I think the weather’s earned it’s place among the top topics of conversation.… Continue reading

Come up for air.

So, Governors Music Ball Festival in NY last weekend was nothing short of amazing. 3 days of the best music, friends, food, booze, and… mud. Actually, scratch that last part. Highlights were Cold… Continue reading

Monday Mornings

Some Bob Dylan to get you through the Monday morning.

Throwback Sunday

Ya, ya, ya… we’ve got it wrong, all wrong. Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, yadda yadda yadda. You should throwback every day, especially when you’re talkin’ about The Walkmen and Tapes n’ Tapes’ old… Continue reading


bitta Dan Croll to get through finals


god i love karen o


alright, so i have good news and bad news.. i usually take the good news first, because it’s never THAT good when it follows bad news. the bad is always bad. so GOOD/AWESOME/DEADLY… Continue reading

Whiskey Blues