Throwback Sunday

Ya, ya, ya… we’ve got it wrong, all wrong. Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, yadda yadda yadda. You should throwback every day, especially when you’re talkin’ about The Walkmen and Tapes n’ Tapes’ old goodies. I’ve been bummin’ on Florida beaches for the last 2 weeks – no school, no work, no commuting, no stuffy city… just family (& some friends) + sunshine + beach + ocean + beers + amazing food. SO, it’s kinda been deadly, especially for catching up on new music and revisiting some old.

By the way, HI! Ange and I are still alive and kickin’ and will most definitely start blogging again. Promise. For whoever (anyone) it is that reads this.

So, being Throwback Sunday and all, here’s a song off of The Walkmen’s 2006 album Bows + Arrows and off Tapes ‘n Tapes 2005 single.